CAT5e Ultra Super Flat Cables

Model No : CAT5E-USF-0-5-BLACK



Price: 347.00


These ultra super flat CAT5e noodle cables are only 0.04" thick and are ideal for hiding under carpets.

Ultra super flat patch cords are a great solution for hiding Ethernet cables in tight spaces, where regular CAT5e patch cord is too bulky. Flat, fully molded cord gives a neat appearance to desktops and wall outlets.

  • Supports full and half-duplex operation.
  • Tested for electrical performance.
  • Ideal for hiding under carpet.
  • Patch cables have stranded copper conductors for flexibility – great for frequent changes that occur at the wall outlet or patch panel.
  • Similar to flat satin or ribbon cable, but these cables have twisted pairs.

Minimum order quantity 5 Nos