WyreStorm 4x4 HDMI Matrix Switcher with (4) 40m/131ft Receivers, Source Control and Remote

Model No : MX-0404-QI



Price: 124631.50


.  We all know it. Especially when it comes to HD installation. Time saved in choosing the right combination of HD equipment you know will work is just as important as getting it all up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible so you can leave a satisfied customer and move onto the next job. We call this system ‘Quick Install’ because that is exactly what you should expect; with great emphasis placed on reduced installation time and an ease of connection that will enable the installer to maximise their productivity on site, avoiding time-consuming compatibility and configuration issues that can unnecessarily prolong a project or in terms of installation time or call-backs.  Specifically developed and manufactured to meet the needs of the installer, the MX-0404-QI is a dedicated system of HD distribution and control, combining a 4x4 Matrix and four single cable receivers – all of which of which are designed work seamlessly together for complete compatibility and full management of handshakes, screen resolutions and HD signal distribution to each display point, whether in a residential or commercial environment. Time is money - with the WyreStorm Quick Install kit in your set up, you'll have a little more of both. NOTE: For longer transmission distances, LAN control and Ethernet pass-through, please see our HDBaseT range of matrices, transmitters, receivers and extender sets.

MX-0404-QI Quick Install Matrix Switcher + Display Receiver Package

  • Quick and easy installation – set up in seconds straight out of the box.
  • Simplified ports - Input: HDMI – Output: integrated RJ45 connectors for a single Cat5e/6 UTP cable to each display point for ease of installation
  • Conforms to IEEE-568B standards
  • Each HDMI port also supports DVI signals
  • Each Output port can be fed to multiple displays (cascaded)
  • Enables up to 4 HDMI video/audio devices to be independently switched through up to 4 HDMI displays or projectors for uncompressed digital distribution
  • Each output able to show any connected source simultaneously regardless of whether the input carries HDCP encryption
  • Reads and copies EDID from connected devices with additional EDID configuration through customisable DIP switch settings if necessary
  • 2k resolution
  • Fully 3D compatible – Frame packing/sequential 3D (Blu-ray) and interlaced stereoscopic 3D (satellite broadcasts)
  • Supports all high definition resolutions up to and including 1080p and standard video formats
  • RS-232 port
  • Choose from 6 switching modes – infrared remote control, front panel buttons, local IR, IR call-back, LAN and RS-232
  • Simple switching remote control included, which can also be learned into a universal remote handset to allow the control of multiple devices from one handset
  • Fully compatible for integration with market leading control systems
  • 4 x IR 3.5mm mini-jack ports to allow IR control of the source devices from the display locations (1-way IR)
  • Additional infrared extension port for longer IR connections
  • Supports 24bit color depth
  • Signalling rate of 6.75 Gbps
  • Pack comes complete with 1 x 4x4 Matrix with 19” rack brackets, 4 x 40m IR receivers with mounting brackets, IR receivers, emitters and a Matrix remote control handset
  • 2 year warranty

Additional features included on the RX-1UTP-IR-40 Display Receiver

  • Transmits one-way signal together with the HDMI signal over a single Cat5e/6/7 cable.
  • Receivers capable of 1080p transmissions up to 40m/131ft under ideal conditions*
  • For even greater control and fine tuning, each receiver features distance setting adjustment for optimising the transmission signal
  • Protection against ESD (electrostatic discharge) included within the unit to further stabilise transmission.
  • LED indications for clear power and video signal selection
  • 5v mains supply included
  • Fully cascadable to further lengthen transmission

For longer transmission distances, RS-232 control and Ethernet pass-through, please see our HDBaseT range of matrices, transmitters, receivers and extender sets.


In the Box


  • WyreStorm MX-0404-QI main unit
  • Printed instruction manual (also downloadable from product page)
  • Flash USB stick containing PC software and digital copy of instruction manual.  (also downloadable from product page)
  • Matrix mounting brackets
  • 1 x 12VDC power supply
  • 1 x IR Extension cable (IR RX)
  • 4 x IR TX emitters - placed at source location to control sources from display zone
  • 1 x MX-0404-QI remote control incl. battery (size/type: CR2025 3V)


  • 4 x RX-1UTP-IR-40 HD display receivers
  • 4 x Receiver mounting brackets
  • 4 x 5VDC power supplies
  • 4 x IR RX receiver - placed at display location to control sources remotely.