CAT6 Up Angle to Straight Patch Cords

Model No : CAT6-UAS-2-GRAY



Price: 546.00


90-degree CAT6 Up Angle to Straight Cables feature RJ45 corner connectors and fit in small confined spaces.

VPI's VPCAT™ Up Angle to Straight CAT6 Patch Cords are assembled with T568B four pair stranded cable, and are ideal for confined spaces. The strain relief boot angles the cable straight up, preventing excessive bending while reducing stress on the cable.

  • Used to connect your network card to a 10/100/1000Base-T hub or switch.
  • Patch cables and boots are the same color
  • Boot of straight end is snagless.
  • Patch cables have stranded copper conductors for flexibility - great for frequent changes that occur at the wall outlet or patch panel.
  • Up angle L plug configuration useful in tight fit situations.

Minimum order quantity 5 Nos